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Rubber Dam Inversion

Tricks for easy rubber dam inversion. Hope you like it. source

Medical Dental Insurance Billing

Academy of Dental Practice Careers offers a one day in person Medical Dental...

Dental Emergency Help For...

Pinecrest Dental Utah (801) 618-1501 source

Clear Aligners | Invisible...

Clear aligners | Invisible braces | Everything you need to know about invisible...
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When to Perform a Dental Cleaning On a Dog or Cat | Vet Advice

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Dr. Greenway discusses when to perform a dental cleaning. In this video we discuss optimal time to clean teeth, dental disease, tooth decay, neck lesions, cavity, gingivitis, when to perform a cleaning, general anesthesia, blood work, heart, scaling, polishing, prophy, tooth assessment, dental X-rays and , oral infections.


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What Is a Professional Pet Dental Cleaning? | Pet Dental Care Series

In this video, Jeanne Perrone, CVT, VTS (Dentistry) discusses the process of the professional dental cleaning for dogs and cats all the way from the oral exam and X-rays, to the procedure and then home care. Jeanne is a founding...


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