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What to Expect at Your Dental Cleaning Appointment

Today we’re going to talk about what to expect at your dental cleaning.

When you arrive an assistant or hygienist will greet you and escort you to your treatment room, at this time she will ask you about your medical history. It is important to disclose any medical conditions and medications even if you don’t think it’s relative to your mouth. Hygienists are trained to look for certain medications and conditions that can impact your oral health.
After your medical history is updated you will have a thorough oral cancer screening, we use a special light which detects oral cancer earlier than with a visual screening alone. Next you will have x-ray’s, a periodontal chart or both. X-ray’s look for cavities that are in between the teeth that aren’t visible in your mouth a periodontal chart checks for gum disease.
Next, your hygienist will begin the cleaning, the scraping she does either with the hand instruments or the water scaler called the Ultrasonic removes hard deposits on your teeth called calculus or more commonly known as tartar. Once this forms only a professional cleaning can remove it.
After the scaling you will receive a polish which removes any remaining plaque and whitens teeth by removing stain. At this point your teeth will be feeling smooth and fabulous, your hygienist will also give you some hygiene tips to help optimize your oral health. She will inform you of any problems that the doctor will follow up on after your cleaning and oral hygiene instructions.
Your doctor will come in for an exam at this time the doctor will mention any issues or concerns and make treatment recommendations. If fluoride was recommended it will be applied right after your exam, it only takes about 30 seconds.
After your exam your hygienist will schedule your next cleaning appointment and the front desk will thoroughly review your insurance benefits with you and schedule any treatment you need if applicable.
At Provident Dentistry we take pride in providing efficient streamline cleaning appointments with little to no wait times give us a call if you’d like to schedule a cleaning appointment you won’t be disappointed!


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