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How I Clean My...

I am stuck at home in quarantine, and I want my mouth feeling...

Rubber Dam Inversion

Tricks for easy rubber dam inversion. Hope you like it. source

Medical Dental Insurance Billing

Academy of Dental Practice Careers offers a one day in person Medical Dental...

Dental Emergency Help For...

Pinecrest Dental Utah (801) 618-1501 source
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What The Dental Hygiene Laser Does with Biolase Epic Hygiene

Soft tissue lasers are definitely an important part of our dental hygiene treatment. They’ve come a long way and can be used on many different types of patients- from slight gingivitis to generalized advanced periodontal disease.

To learn more about lasers, definitely check out: to find out more about treatment options, how to become certified, and how to get a laser into your office.

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Ultrasonic Tutorial

The ultrasonic scaler is a key instrument used by dental hygienists to remove biofilm, calculus, and curettage diseased periodontal involved pockets. This video talks all about the ultrasonic, how to set it up, and how to effectively use it...

Nebraska- Dental Hygiene Instrumentation

How to use the Nebraska instrument. source


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