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Dental caries/Tooth decay |...

Dental caries/Tooth decay- MADE EASY(Lecture for medicos) | MILESTONE. This is a video lecture...

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PoCUS: Dental Abscess vs...

14 y.o. Girl s/p root canal day before with worsening lip swelling. ...
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UofU Hospital Dental Clinic and GPR Program

The GPR program provides residents with a year of advanced general dentistry education in various clinical settings throughout Utah:

Wakara Clinic – UofU School of Dentistry:
UofU Hospital Dental Clinic and GPR Program:
Ogden Clinic – University of Utah School of Dentistry:
Greenwood Clinic – UofU School of Dentistry:
Liberty Community Dental Clinic, UofU SOD:

University of Utah School of Dentistry’s General Practice Residency (GPR) Program:

Helping to run the University of Utah School of Dentistry’s General Practice Residency (GPR) Program makes for busy days handling some of the more medically complex patients.

But the team at GPR sister sites, the University of Utah Hospital Dental Clinic and the Greenwood Dental Clinic in Midvale, see their work as exciting and something they look forward to.

“It’s a really good environment. There’s a positive outlook on everything. We are all happy to be here to work, it’s not, ‘oh, we have to go to work.’ We’re lucky to work, and we’re excited to be here,” said dental hygienist Mallory Dye, who has been with the team for 15 years.

“Folks that cannot have dental services done in a traditional Dental office clinic setting – they have to go off to sleep – they have to have a very controlled environment,” said Dr. Marc Collman, who along with Clinic Director Dr. Craig Proctor, manage 10 dental residents between the two locations.

It’s satisfying to expose residents to more challenging patients, such as those being prepped for organ transplants and heart valve replacements.

“All of those folks that have issues with their oral cavity, we have to get their mouths ready for those medical services too before the transplant,” Dr. Collman said. “It’s a wonderful place to get an education.”

University of Utah Dental Clinic Manager Stephanie Hooton and Outpatient Services Specialist Marjorie Russo, said their goal is to make sure each patient who comes to them gets the best care possible.

“We’re just one great big family,” added Greenwood Clinic Manager Steven Delsie. The Greenwood location also provides services for orthodontics and care for children once a week. The team also does community outreach and volunteer work at the Utah Food Bank, several substance abuse treatment centers, and local schools.

“Most of us have been working together so long, it’s like another family, so it’s great,” Hooton said.

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