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Tooth Abscess Draining Pus!! + Free Endo Gear Guide

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This 75 year old male presented with no pain to his mandibular left canine.
Diagnosis: #33 Necrotic with Asymptomatic Apical Periodontitis
Upon initial access, that tooth started draining pus.
This root canal will be completed in 2 phases. I opened to a wave one gold primary file and will then finish to at least a wave one gold medium file @ the next appointment.
Instruments used:
#2 Friction Grip Long Bur:
#4 Friction Grip Long Bur:
Patient Bib – amazing –
Bite Block:
Niti Handfiles for finishing the apical 3rd:
Endo Ring:
Calcium Hydroxide:
Endo Z Bur:
Pulpdental ETDA:

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