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Dental Flossing l How...

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Can Men Be Dental...

Let's talk about male dental hygienists - history, struggles, etc. #dentalhygiene #rdh ▶...

Hilton Dental Clinic –... At Hilton Dental Clinic we understand that achieving lasting dental health...
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Teeth in a Day dental implants: what to expect

Same day teeth! That’s right, Teeth in a Day is a procedure where you can have dental implants and fully functioning teeth attached in just one trip to the dentist’s chair. Here one of our top dental implantologists Dr Amit Mohindra explains the process and what you can expect.

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Dental implant infection: how and why does peri-implantitis happen?

If you've had an implant fitted recently, it is important to keep it clean and hygienic as you would with all of your teeth. Here, one of our top dental implantologists Dr Amit Mohindra explains how dental implant infection...

The best advice for taking care of dental implants.

Doctor Koray Feran tells us how to take care of dental implants so that they last long term. The most important thing is regular dental check-ups with a dental hygienist. If you would like to contact Doctor Feran, visit...


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