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Sterilization Process in Dental Clinics | Sani Dental | Los Algodones | Mexico | DentaVaction

Sterilization is the most important aspect of any dental treatment.
A world-class dental clinic with low-grade disinfection technique can be harmful. it’s better to know the sterilization protocol that is followed in a dental office this video will tell you how Dentavacation partner dental clinics maintain the set standard of sterilization

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are you anxious about the cleanliness of

a dental clinic abroad get over the fear

of infections and tourism destinations

with dint of a Kishon, this video will

take you step-by-step through the

process of instrument sterilization that

we follow at our partner dental clinics

the instruments are first taken to a

a room designated for sterilization in

leak proof tubs the cleaning staff

always wears appropriate personal

protective equipment like masks and

gloves the instruments are then scrubbed

manually under running water this

removes the visible debris from the

tools instruments are then soaked in

special cleaning solutions for five to

ten minutes


next, the staff runs them underwater

after the instruments are cleaned

thoroughly they are packed in disposable

paper or plastic pouches

the date of sterilization is clearly

marked on the outer wrapper these

pouches have special strips built-in

them which change color once the

sterilization cycle is complete


the packs and cassettes of instruments

are autoclaved at a temperature of 121

degrees Celsius or 250 degrees

Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes

the pouches are allowed to dry in an

autoclave after which they are

transferred to the designated storage



the sterilized instruments are then

ready to be used

our partner clinics also pay special

attention to the dental procedure room

all the tubing’s and surfaces which come

in contact with the patient are wiped

with surface disinfectant disposable

covers are then placed

attendance then paste sterile tape on

devices which the dentist touches during

the procedure but cannot be sterilized

because of electric components


these include implant machines light

controls and the dental chair the dental

the chair is also wiped with disinfectant

we ensure that you go home with a new

smile and a comfortable dental




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