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Dental crown for Kids...

Dr. Mukul Jain (pediatric dentist, Mumbai) explains various dental crown options we have...

Ep 9 Microbiology of...

This lecture explains the microbiology in dental caries. It explains the role of...


I am Dr. Priya Singh, a cosmetic dentist in Mumbai for the past...

How does an implant...

Osseointegration of dental implants. How does an implant work? 3D video of Clínica Médico...
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Rubber dam explained | How to place and remove a rubber dam

Even though it looks like a hassle when you have a number of patients waiting for you, if you follow a simple dam placement protocol for every procedure, it will help support successful long-term outcomes in restorative care. repetitive use, clinicians should be able to achieve complete isolation in less than three minutes, eliminating the most common reason for not using a dental dam.

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References of images for rubber dam

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