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How I Clean My...

I am stuck at home in quarantine, and I want my mouth feeling...

Rubber Dam Inversion

Tricks for easy rubber dam inversion. Hope you like it. source

Medical Dental Insurance Billing

Academy of Dental Practice Careers offers a one day in person Medical Dental...

Dental Emergency Help For...

Pinecrest Dental Utah (801) 618-1501 source
HomeDental DamRubber Dam application...

Rubber Dam application for beginners.

This single tooth rubber dam isolation video was made almost 2 and half yrs back for my Endo workshops. The reason behind sharing this video in youtube is because many dentists have appreciated this video for being of great help in understanding the basics of each component & providing ease in learning the procedure from beginning to end , thereby helping them to successfully implement rubber dam in their practices. Hope that it provides the same purpose to you all!!


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