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How Scaling is done...

Teeth cleaning done by a dentist is called scaling and people have many...

Novodent – Dental Clinic

Short presentation movie for Novodent. Horatiu Curutiu - filmmaker Horea Gruita - assistant source

Welcome to Dental Surgery...

Welcome to Dental Surgery Channel®, a place where you will be able to...

Are Dental Implants Worth...

(210) 951-4444 About: Cosmetic Dental Associates is the first cosmetic dental office in San...
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Repair your tooth, dental filling and crown

What are fillings and crowns made of?

Tooth filling is the clinical treatment that treat a cavity. your dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and then fill the area on the tooth where the decayed material once lived.

A crown is a type of cap that completely covers a real tooth.Crowns can be made of diffrerent materials for different purposes.

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What's good about dental implants? 10 Benefits

When it comes to replacing teeth that are missing or damaged, you have several options. However, one option stands out above the rest is dental implants. Dental implants offer benefits that other tooth replacement options, like dentures or bridges,...


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