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Patient undergoing chemotherapy gets a dental cleaning (Guided Biofilm Therapy)

Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer drugs to destroy cancer cells. These drugs also affect healthy cells which may create side effects and increased risk of infections, feeling of sickness etc.
Healthy cells usually repair themselves once treatment is complete. The aim during dental treatment for these patients is to be as gentle as possible, using technology which is minimally invasive avoiding any damage to their soft and hard tissues. In addition we must also consider the emotional status of our patients.

Clinical case:
01 ASSESS – This 70 year old patient was diagnosed with cancer in September 2018. Before starting treatment an initial assessment of the patient to understand his oral health was undertaken to determine the condition of the soft tissues and medical condition. His oral health was good. No bleeding on probing or inflammation and no xerostomia.
02 DISCLOSE – On disclosing, there was little mature biofilm present.
03 MOTIVATE – He only used a manual tooth brush and in addition he used Green Propolis to massage his gingiva. After motivation, encouragement and a little re-education the treatment was discussed and consent obtained.
04 AIRFLOW® – The AIRFLOW® PLUS Powder was used to remove all supra and sub gingival biofilm. The patient did not bleed during the therapy. The tongue and palate were also cleaned using PLUS Powder.
05 PERIOFLOW® – This step had been skipped as not required for such clinical conditions.
06 PIEZON® – The Piezon PS® was used supra and sub gingivally to remove calculus.
07 CHECK – A dental check was carried out to diagnose caries and treatment planning.
08 RECALL – He was referred to a restorative specialist. It was suggested to return during the next window of opportunity suggested by the oncologist.

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