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Nagbabala ang Bacoor police sa mga dental clinic laban sa isang lalaking holdaper...

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Sharing my dental braces transformation journey. Extreme before and after transformation. Do like, share,...
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Orthodontic Bracket Repositioning –

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On this video we are repositioning some brackets, why is that? Check the video out !

Bracket repositioning is common and normal. Done sometimes to get better root positions, or sometimes for better tooth positions.

When brackets first went on teeth and specially if they were terribly crooked, the brackets were placed initially to correct the crowding. Some were then repositioned to get better leveling and root positions.

Aligning the arches is accomplished using wires, elastic chains, springs, and other auxiliaries that rotate, tip, and torque the teeth into their desired positions. Another common step in the alignment process is “repositioning” individual brackets.

On this video give some tips on how to have

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