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MARYLAND bridge – A DENTAL BRIDGE alternative for missing teeth ©

Dental bridge is a common solution for missing teeth. Here we show the Maryland Bridge, one of the usual ones.

00:00 Introduction:
The Maryland bridge is an alternative to implants and other types of dental bridges. In this 3d video of the Pardiñas Dental Medical Clinic (​) we show how it works.

00:04 What is the Maryland Bridge for?
Another way to cover the gap of a missing tooth is to perform a Maryland bridge.

00:10 How is the Maryland Bridge built?
To do this, the surface of the adjacent teeth can be slightly prepared if greater adhesion is needed. Next, casts of the patient’s mouth are fabricated and sent to the prosthetic laboratory so that they can manufacture the bridge. Finally, the prosthesis is cemented on the previously prepared teeth.

00:45 How to make a bridge with CAD/CAM technology:
The Maryland Bridge can also be prepared using CAD/CAM technology.

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