Monday, November 28, 2022

How I Clean My...

I am stuck at home in quarantine, and I want my mouth feeling...

Rubber Dam Inversion

Tricks for easy rubber dam inversion. Hope you like it. source

Medical Dental Insurance Billing

Academy of Dental Practice Careers offers a one day in person Medical Dental...

Dental Emergency Help For...

Pinecrest Dental Utah (801) 618-1501 source
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Let’s do a filling!

Dr. Briney from Shine Pediatric Dentistry located in Downers Grove, IL, a western suburb of Chicago, shows children how to do a filling. She describes what a cavity is and all the steps she uses to do a filling. She uses kid friendly terms to make it matter of fact. The video was done for a virtual school presentation geared toward 4th graders.


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How often should I take my kids for a dental cleaning and why?

Dr. Briney is back with another Q&A! Today she let us know how often we should take our kids for a dental cleaning and why. Watch full video to find out the answer. source


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