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Dental Surgery

The dental clinic is equipped with the latest dental equipment to transform our...


hi everyone tried to help you out with dental caries types ,! hope...

Dental Abscess

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Large Dental Abscess

This video shows major facial swelling in an 8 year old girl that is caused by a large dental abscess. She was treated with intramuscular clindamycin and sent to the dental school where the abscess was drained and additional antibiotics administered.


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Primary Tooth Injury and Emergency Extraction

After being pushed by his brother, this little boy sustained a fatal injury to one of his primary incisor teeth and the the tooth had to be pulled in the pediatric emergency department. Our pediatric dentist discusses the...

Dry Socket Emergency

This patient with dry socket or alveolar osteitis presented to the emergency department with severe pain. He is treated by a dentist in the emergency department where the dry socket was cleaned out, irrigated, and packed with gelfoam...


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