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Kids dental care – When to start BRUSHING BABY TEETH and how to do it ©

When do baby teeth come out and how to brush them? How the use of a pacifier affects teeth? Can cavities appear in baby teeth? Here we talk about dental care for children.

00:00 Introduction:
This 3d video from Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas ( shows a series of dental recommendations and treatments for children.

00:10 When to start it:
The care of the baby’s mouth should be carried out in the lactation period with a series of appropriate measures after each milk intake. With the appearance of the first milk teeth until the complete replacement by the definitive teeth, the child’s oral hygiene should continue to be supervised.

00:25 When do baby teeth come in?
Baby teeth are 20 in total and they start to erupt around the sixth or seventh month. The first to erupt are usually the lower incisors, followed by the upper ones, until the first year, normally all the milk teeth have erupted.

00:33 Cavities in baby teeth:
Baby teeth, due to their own structure where the protective enamel layer is thinner and more porous than in a permanent tooth, are more prone to cavities if proper care is not followed.

00:51 Conscious sedation for kids:
In special patients or very young and / or fearful children, there is the possibility of performing a conscious sedation administered by an anesthesiologist, with which the dental procedure can be performed safely, and the child will not have a traumatic memory.

01:03 Pain from the first teeth:
When the first baby teeth begin to erupt, the baby may experience symptoms such as the urge to bite, excessive salivation, crying, irritability, and even a low-grade fever.

01:15 How to brush baby teeth:
The brushing technique in children can be done with thimble-shaped brushes with very soft bristles up to normal brushes, but with a smaller head so that they adapt to the structure of their mouths.
When the child is older and can brush himself, a small amount of toothpaste can be added. It is important to teach your child the correct brushing techniques, and make it a habit of hygiene. For this, games can be used and above all that the parents are referents that the child can imitate.

01:50 Consequences of pacifier use:
The use of a pacifier or thumb sucking for a long time (beyond 3-4 years) can cause an alteration in the growth of the child’s mouth, which can cause problems of dental malposition. There are specific devices to avoid these bad habits and prevent future problems.

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