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Dental Filling Replacement Procedure

Dental Filling Replacement - Dental fillings don’t last forever and need to be...

Dental Flossing l How...

This video is regarding all about #dentalflossing.... source

Can Men Be Dental...

Let's talk about male dental hygienists - history, struggles, etc. #dentalhygiene #rdh ▶...

Hilton Dental Clinic –... At Hilton Dental Clinic we understand that achieving lasting dental health...
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Josh’s Dental Emergency That Almost Cost Him His Smile | My Story With CareCredit #Podcast

Meet Josh 👋 When we tell you he has tricks up his sleeve… you better believe it! As a performer, his smile is a money maker, but when a sudden mishap had his smile on the line, he had to think fast. On this week’s episode of our “My Story With CareCredit” series, see how Josh used his CareCredit credit card to save his smile and career, and for more:

For more information about how to apply for a CareCredit credit card:

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A Dental Emergency Before a Flight to Spain | My Story With CareCredit #Podcast

Just before Elizabeth left for her dream trip to Barcelona, she broke a tooth. Not wanting to travel with a broken smile, she used the CareCredit credit card to pay for the dentistry to fix her beautiful smile. For...

Paying for Dental Implants With Help From CareCredit | My Story With CareCredit

When Rachel learned she needed a dental implant she was overcome with anxiety. Facing many months of dental procedures, she didn’t want to start something she couldn’t finish. So she turned to the CareCredit credit card: with its payment...

Paying for Dental Bridges | Marci’s #CareCredit Review

Marci’s life changed when the CareCredit credit card enabled her to finance her dental bridge procedure. Learn more about CareCredit promotional financing for dental care here: As a kid, Marci had two teeth that did not fully develop underneath...


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