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The dental clinic is equipped with the latest dental equipment to transform our...


hi everyone tried to help you out with dental caries types ,! hope...

Dental Abscess

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How to Use DermaDam™ rubber dam | Step-by-Step

Learn how to use DermaDam to isolate single or multiple teeth. Learn more at

DermaDam rubber dam is made from pure latex rubber and is powder free, which reduces the possibility of latex reactions. Quality processing ensures a low content of surface proteins.
• Low dermatitis potential
• Strong and tear resistant
• Powder free to reduce allergic reactions

DermaDam Synthetic dental dam is not made with natural rubber latex, but is designed to be as flexible and durable as a natural rubber latex dam. It includes zero sensitizing proteins.


Ultradent Products, Inc., is a leading developer of high-tech dental materials, devices, and instruments worldwide. Ultradent’s mission is to improve the level of dental health care and to make dental procedures more predictable and hassle free.


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Ultradent's ExperTemp — Temporary Crown & Bridge Material

ExperTemp is a bis-acryl composite provisional material used to fabricate temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays as well as long-term temporaries. The 10:1 self-cured chemistry is easy to work with and provides exceptional strength, flexibility, and abrasion resistance. Superior...

How To Use Opalustre™ | Chemical and Mechanical Abrasion Slurry from Opalescence™ Tooth Whitening

Ideal for removing superficial enamel imperfections, mild fluorosis, or demineralization. Learn more at Opalustre slurry contains a 6.6% hydrochloric acid solution and silicon carbide microparticles. This combination provides precise abrasion for a minimally invasive permanent treatment. • One-appointment...

Dental Bridge Impression Preparation | How to Use the Gemini™ Laser

A dental laser makes preparing for a dental bridge impression clean and easy. Dentists or oral surgeons can eliminate cord packing and hemostatic agents from their procedure by simply using the Gemini diode laser. Watch the video for a...


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