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How to FIX BROKEN BRACES and other orthodontic emergencies: poking wire, loose bands… ©

It is common for the wearers of dental braces to sometimes suffer some kind of orthodontic emergency during treatment.

In this 3d animation of Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas ( we show the most common situations and emergencies that may arise in orthodontic treatment such as loose brackets, mouth sores, poking wires, and infections.

00:00 Introduction:
It is common for patients with orthodontic appliances to sometimes suffer some kind of setback during treatment.

00:12 Fallen bracket:
One of the most common is the debonding of a bracket, the solution of which is to re-recement the bracket in its correct position.

00:53 Bent Archwire:
When the archwire that joins the brackets is bent by accident, usually due to the impact of some hard food, it can cause the teeth to move into an incorrect position if the shape of the arch is not corrected.

01:03 Poking wire:
As the teeth are placed in their correct position, it is possible that the archwire that joins the brackets, protrudes from the back, causing lesions in the mucosa. If that happens, it would be necessary to cut off that excess archwire.

01:17 Wounds and sores from braces:
It is common for the braces or tubes used in orthodontics to rub against the mucosa, causing small ulcerations, especially in the first days after placing the appliance. There are materials such as orthodontic wax, to place on top of the appliance in the affected area, and thus protect the mucosa from chafing.

01:35 Loose bands:
Bands that are sometimes placed on molars can become loose. If that happens, it will be necessary to re-insert them in their position.

01:51 Loose ligatures:
A ligature in place or that has become loose or moved, can cause friction in the mucosa,, causing injuries.

02:03 Infection of microscrews or miniplates:
In the case of patients with skeletal anchors, it may happen that some of them loosen or become infected. If this occurs, the anchor should be repositioned and the infection removed.

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