Monday, December 5, 2022

Wondering How Long It...

Watch the next Dental Implant FAQ Here ------ How long does it take...

Mga dental clinic sa...

Nagbabala ang Bacoor police sa mga dental clinic laban sa isang lalaking holdaper...
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How to Clean Your Dental Bridge!!

Here are a few tools that patients can employ to keep their new fancae dancae bridge clean. Remember – the cleaner you can keep it – especially where the fake tooth is – the longer you will keep it. Plain and simple
Items used: proxabrush, floss threader, floss, super floss

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Huge Fillings – A New Dentist *MUST* WATCH

Here are some tips that I use daily during my practice. Most I have been taught, a few I've learned on my own. I want to share these with you, especially if you are newer to the...

Dental Filling Sterilize Teflon Tape?

#shorts Thanks to Angela for showing me this tip a few years ago! source

Temporary Dental Crown – How to Prevent Tooth Pain with Perfect Margins

Temporary Dental Crown - How to Prevent Pain with Perfect Margins Finishing the margins can be tricky. Here is a great tip that I learned from Prostho daddy to prevent over polishing of the margins. ***Free Root Canal Course*** *** ENDO...


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