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Dental Hygienist –...

Dental Hygienist - Career Video, A Day In Life Of A Dental...

Dental Surgery

The dental clinic is equipped with the latest dental equipment to transform our...

How is an immediate dental implant surgery done? #implants

How is a dental implant surgery performed?

Vídeo of Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas ( about a surgical procedure for placing a dental implant at the moment of tooth extraction.

Immediate dental implants are fitted straight after extracting one or more teeth, although this does not mean that the dental implants and the teeth are fitted at the same time. When there is a problem with a tooth that means it has to be extracted, for example if the root is cracked, the dental implant can be planned to be fitted immediately after it is extracted without waiting for the wound to heal. This has the advantage of saving time.

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