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Amalgam Fillings Removal w/...

This dental video illustrates the procedure for replacing amalgam (mercury/silver) fillings for white...

Dental caries شرح

Oral pathology source

Kreativ Dental Clinic Reviews...

Ken Doherty 1997 World Snooker Champion, speaking about his experience at Kreativ Dental...

Dental Bridge is broken:...

Normally a dental bridge usually they don’t break, they come out and if...
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How Do Braces Work?

Braces are a lot more barbaric – and awesome – than you might think. But they actually just copy the process that the rest of your bones naturally undergo! Andrea, an MIT Sloan Fellow, explains.

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made with love at MIT
Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-SA, MIT
Hosted by: Andrea Derosiers
Written by: Andrea Derosiers & Elizabeth Choe
Additional Scripting by: George Zaidan
Content Reviewer: H. Elaine Cheong, DDS

Executive Producer & Doodles: Elizabeth Choe
Director: George Zaidan
Camera: Adam Morrell
Editor & Motion Graphics: Per Hoel

Theme song: Anthony Thomas & Neil Aggarwal

Special thanks:
Dimensional Photonics International, Inc.
Prof. Paula Hammond (
Prof. John Essignmann & Ellen Essignmann


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