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Flurosis – Affect Teeth, Skeletal & other system of body. Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Flurosis is an abnormal condition caused by excessive intake of fluorides, characterized in children by pitting and discoloration of teeth and in adults by pathological bone changes.

it is of 3 types

1. dental flurosis
2. skeletal flurosis
3. non skeletal flurosis

Dental fluorosis is caused by taking in too much fluoride over a long period when the teeth are forming under the gums.
Mottling of teeth where the enamel loses its lustre, becomes rough, pigmented, pitted and brittle (fluorotic teeth).
Later, the teeth become hard and brittle.

skeletal flurosis

The early symptoms of skeletal fluorosis, include stiffness and pain in the joints.
Sclerosis of bones, especially of spine, pelvis and limbs.
Ligamental calcification, calcification of interosseous membrane and calcification of tendinous insertions are commonly seen.

non skeletal flurosis

Gastrointestinal symptoms
Neurological manifestation
Muscular manifestations
Allergic manifestation

How do you treat fluorosis naturally?

Fluorosis can be prevented by avoiding excessive intake of fluoride by individuals / community.

By using alternative water sources,
By removing excessive fluoride from drinking water,
By improving the nutritional status of population/individuals at risk.


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