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Fillings for children – Tooth Filling- Dental Fillings for Kids

Tooth Filling!

Does your child have a cavity? Are they now afraid to get a dental filling? Getting a filling is something Henry experiences in this new kids video. He’s been a little lazy in taking care of his teeth and now has a cavity. His sister, Wendy has been taking good care of her teeth and is happy her teeth are so clean. In this new Dentavid kids video Henry is on his way to the dentist to get a filling in his tooth. It doesn’t end up being nearly as bad as he thought it would be!

Sometimes, despite a parent’s best efforts and intentions, our children develop cavities in their teeth. Sometimes they were doing a decent job taking care of their teeth and sometimes they were lazy like Henry. This can be disappointing for both parent and child.

Thankfully there are a lot of happy moments in life to balance out the disappointments. Disappointments that are considered small by adults often aren’t viewed as such by children especially if it directly effects their lives. Losing a favorite bracelet or not being included in a game at recess while at school can be very discouraging for kids.

Finding out they have a cavity after a dental appointment can feel like a larger-than-life failure to them. They may feel like they worked hard to take care of their teeth. In this case, the news can be a bit disillusioning.

In households where siblings are going to the dentist around the same time there may be comparison. One child happily goes to the waiting room to inform their parents that they don’t have any cavities. The other may come back to their parents feeling dejected. The news of their triumphant sibling probably won’t help the sadness they’re feeling either. Their little minds run wild with what will happen now that their teeth are no longer perfect.

This great video about dental fillings for kids will help put your child at ease if they are about to go in for a filling. They’ll watch Henry get all fixed up by his dentist. Like Henry they’ll get tooth sleeping medicine, a little tickle on their tooth, and then a filling to make their sick tooth as good as new!


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Preventative dental care for kids – pediatric dental care – how to take care of children's teeth - your home for awesome dental explainer videos. Check out this new cartoon kid’s video on Preventative dental care for children! . Siblings Henry and Wendy are going back to the dentist and Wendy is happy...

Dental Crown – Procedure for your new dental crown

WHAT IS A DENTAL CROWN? A dental crown is a tooth-shaped "cap" that is placed over a tooth -- to cover the broken tooth, to restore its shape and size, strength, and improve its appearance.The crowns, when cemented into place,...


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