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epidemiology of dental caries

understand epidemiology of dental caries includes vipeholm study, hopewood house study, turku sugar study, tristão da cunha study, hereditary fructose intolerance study..
vipeholm study was done in vipeholm hospital , sweden and people were deivided into 7 experimental groups…

hopewood house study was done in 4-13 yr children in hopewood house, borwal, soth wales, australia and these children were provided with vegitarian diet fruits and vegetables, with no meat, tea or sugar substitutes

turku sugar study was done in turku, finland and the groups were sucrose, fructose, xylitol.. it was found out that sucrose is the arch criminal and xylitol is least cariogenic or anti cariogenic…

tristão da cunha study was done by fisher on tristão da cunha island but due to volcano, people get migrated to england and afterwards he found increase in prevalence of caries in 1st molar afterwards..
hereditary fructose intolerance people have less prevalence for dental caries

this is public health dentistry lecture series.. know about level of prevention of dental caries
learn level of prevention of dental caries lecture series with us @Dental pathshala
level of prevention of disease for public health dentistry is a very important topic for exams

watch the public health dentistry lectures to understand the concepts of public health dentistry lectures with dr sangeeta poriya @dental pathshala
all our public health dentistry lectures videos are from textbook and few articles and reference textbooks..

drop the community dentistry lectures topic you find difficult to understand in the comment section below

the purpose of video is to create interest for dental lectures..
let us know in the comments your experience at dental pathshala as dr sangeeta poriya is working for you 20*7 to make videos for dental students everyday .. our ultimate goal is not only get you through exams but to connect the link between the theory and practical.
dr sangeeta poriya is working on notes for every topic which soon you will get on
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special thanks to all the students for active participation, love and support..
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