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Direct Filling Gold | Dental Materials | Super Simple

Direct filling gold is those gold restorative materials that are manufactured for compaction directly into prepared cavities. It’s a very important topic from Dental Materials and Operative Dentistry. In this video direct filling gold by Dr Suresh Shenvi from Aspire32 discusses the material aspect, types, degassing, and properties in a very simplified way. Direct filling gold restoration is although rare but direct filling gold MCQ is very commonly asked. I hope this direct filling gold lecture make it simple.

This video of Aspire 32 is made by Dr. Suresh Shenvi who has cleared various exams like ADAT, NBDE from the USA, DHA from Dubai, and various Indian Entrance exams like PGI, KCET, NEET. I am MDS in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics by profession. I am also an author of dental books on the entrance exam and I am also currently a faculty at KLE University and a receiver of best teacher award.

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