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Dental Treatment Experience in Turkey – Dental Tourism Turkey | Maltepe Dental Clinic, Istanbul

Dental tourism has been so popular recently. Due to the high dental treatment costs in certain countries, many people travel abroad to get their teeth done at much lower prices. Dental tourism Mexico, dental tourism Costa Rica, dental tourism Thailand, Hungary dental tourism, dental tourism Philippines, etc. are all destinations. Turkey has a special place in the dental tourism sector because you can get dental treatments at lower prices without compromising quality. People mostly look for dental tourism implants, dental tourism veneers, or dental tourism crowns treatments abroad. For instance, we gave this patient’s smile back with zirconia crowns.

The biggest barrier to traveling for a dental treatment is the hesitations about going to a foreign country. It’s so normal that people have many questions in their minds, from the language barrier to the quality of dental treatment. So, to smooth away his hesitations, our patient from the UK conducted detailed research. He has narrowed down his clinic options to 16 clinics, and he chose us at the end of his research.

At Maltepe Dental Clinc, we have built and grown a highly qualified international patients department. In addition to our doctors’ high-quality treatment, we are ready to help you with every step of your dental journey. Initial contact, online consultation, transportation from the airport, accommodation… When we make everything easier for you, you enjoy your outstanding experience in the beautiful city of Istanbul. There is no room for hesitations at Maltepe Dental.

Maltepe Dental Clinic is ready to help you get the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of. For further information about our services contact us. Free Live Video Consultation is available for International Patients. Send your smile photos and/or x-rays for free Non-Binding Consultation via WhatsApp or through E-mail. We also have a Consultation Office in London where you can get in-person consultation from Assoc. Prof. Yusuf Ilhan.


+905491020004 (for English)

+905528484632 (for French)

+905425871074 (for German)





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