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Dental Floss Mod | Airsoft Maintenance

The Dental Floss Mod can improve the seal between your bucking and barrel, and it can give you an easy 5 – 15 FPS improvement on average. Not to mention your BB’s will now be extra minty fresh.

I will demonstrate the steps to implement the Airsoft Dental Floss Mod on my Stock King Arms M4A1 Hopup, Modify Hard (Black) Flat Hop Bucking, and Prometheus Tight-bore Barrel.

If your barrel and bucking already fit really tight into the hop up unit, this modification would not likely be necessary and you may see negligible improvements in FPS. To tell, just judge how tight and tough it is to install your bucking into the hop up unit on your configuration. If you feel it is on the looser side then try the Dental Floss Mod, because why not?

Make sure to chrono your before and after to confirm improvement and proper installation. Include the dental floss mod in your next airsoft maintenance.

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