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Dental floss and waterpik – How to clean dental implants ©

How to clean dental implants? 3d animation of Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas ( on the use of dental floss and the waterpik, hygiene methods for dental implants and prostheses.

One of the techniques for properly cleaning a dental bridge or a fixed prosthesis over implants is the use of a special dental floss for this purpose. It consists of a rigid end to be able to insert underneath the prosthesis, and a chamois in its central part, which is the one that will mechanically act to eliminate the remains of food and plaque that may be trapped under the prosthesis.

The use of a waterpik is another method used to maintain a proper hygiene as it may be in case of periodontal patient. It uses water under pressure that helps to remove food debris and plaque accumulated between the teeth.

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