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Dental Implants for front teeth are so much more complicated than dental implants...


CARA AMAN MEMBERSIHKAN GIGI MENGGUNAKAN DENTAL FLOSS Apakah sahabat Alkes tahu jika kita menggunakan...

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Dental Fillings are Actually Incredible

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We’ve gotten way better in the engineering and design of fixing teeth in the last 70 years. Join me in uncovering the hidden secrets of what great dentistry means,

⭐ Update: March 28th
Thanks for your comments. I realized in my ruthless writing optimization that I left out my appreciation for all dentists and how most are amazing professionals. I would have also mentioned that biomimetic principles aren’t unique, many are gold standard conservative dentistry practices.

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• Dr. Nejad has a patient info course on Biomimetics that I found helpful when first learning about good dentistry
• Youtube channel designed for dental students, helpful if you want to learn a LOT about the fundamentals of fixing cavities and other parts of dentistry:
• Listing of some biomimetic dentists: Not all are listed (the one I found wasn’t here). Again as a disclaimer, biomimetic credentials don’t mean their work is bad, or their attitude sucks. Do your research, have a conversation with them.

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Useful Biomimetic Summaries
• Biomimetic Protocols:
• Amazing video lecture on biomimetic principles, research, and clinical implementation by Dr. David Alleman: Video quality is a bit rough but the content is wonderful.

Biomimetic Dentist Instagram – Clinical Cases & Research Discussion
• Dr. Ash – Amazing biomimetic summaries plus she launched her YouTube channel!
• Dr. Steven Schiffenhaus – Hilarious and informative, his analogies made me laugh and simplified my understanding of the research
• Dr. Davey Alleman –
• Dr. Bill Gergis –

• Dental Digest Podcast: Incredible source of information, great host who asks excellent questions and drills into the details
• 6 Fracture Modes of Teeth – Dr. Graeme Milicich: There’s a course on Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry and it’s one of the most useful sources of information I found for me to understand why teeth to fracture and not only with amalgams and how dentists can better handle crack identification, removal, and mitigation.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 Intro – The Surprising Design of Dentistry
0:49 The Clever Mechanical Design of Silver Fillings
4:01 Masterworks Sponsorship #Ad
5:45 Why Silver Fillings are Bad
6:29 White Fillings – Better, But Harder For a Reason Few People Know
10:50 Dental Crowns – Good or Bad and the Fight Between Dentists
11:16 Biomimetic Dentists – The Secret Society of Amazing Professionals

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My Dental Key
Class I Amalgam Preparation
Pediatric Class I Resin Composite Restoration
Tofflemire matrix band placement

How To Uncover GOLD From Liquid Mercury! PioneerPauly

Replacement of dental Amalgam restoration for esthetic purpose ♠️😉 Dental Knowledge

Class II Amalgam Restoration – Conservative Dentistry- MSA University –

Stephanie Defus Amalgam Procedure – Apologies for the misattribution in the video

Cervical resin filling. Class V composite resin restoration. Jinwoo Bae

[ChyuieThuth] #19 MO Class 2 Amalgam Prep
[ChyuieThuth] #19 Class 1 Amalgam Prep

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