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DENTAL CROWN TYPES. Zirconia, Emax, PFZ, PFM, Metal!! Choosing the BEST!

PS – Skip to 5.40 min for discussion on case scenarios.

Do you think a zirconia crown or is always the best option?? What would you choose between a metal crown vs ceramic crown?
In the past, it was easy to suggest a type of posterior crown for a patient. It was either a metal or PFM. Today, we have so many more material options that, even we dentists get confused suggesting the best option.
This video will give u a clear understanding of the different dental crown materials available to us and the different case scenarios where each would be preferred. You will learn about the different types of dental crowns and the explanation for using Metal crown, a PFM (Porcelain fused to metal crown), PFZ (Porcelain Fused to Zirconia crown), Zirconia Crown and Lithium Disilicate Crown (Emax) depending on the case.
The case scenarios discussed are the following:

The best crown option in a case of Bruxism (parafunctional habit)
The best crown option in for a short clinical crown height
The best crown in terms of esthetics
Cases in which you can not opt for a zirconia/LiDiSi crown
Preferred crowns for patients with metal allergy
A short note on using these materials for Bridges / FPD

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