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Smile Healthy with Dental...

Smiling freely is much more than a cosmetic concern - it's an expression...

Tooth cavity? What to...

Hello, if tooth has cavity, what to do? Tooth #Filling #or #RCT. It...

Ferret dental cleaning &...

Ferrets need regular dental care just like dogs and cats. This ferret was...

rubber dam placement maxillary...

assalamualaikum wr wb.. good morning!! ----- rubberdam placement prior to endodontic procedure more videos are available...
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Dental Crown Procedure { Zirconia Crown Preparation w/ Microscope }

This video depicts a step by step process of how the dental crown procedure is accomplished. This patient complained of tooth pain when chewing food. After a positive response with the tooth slooth, I gave options for an onlay or full coverage zirconia crown. The patient chose the latter. This procedure was shot under a microscope. Enjoy!

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