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Dental Caries explained EASY

In this video, Dr. Mujtaba talks about what Dental Caries is, how it affects the teeth and how it clinically appears.
Understand the basics of Dental Caries first, before you dive into the details of Dental Caries with Dr. Mujtaba in the upcoming parts of this series.

Here’s the link of Quiz for you to evaluate yourself after watching this video. Make sure you solve it:

Script by:
Hassan Naseer
Script supervised by:
Dr. Farwa Manekia

Books used:
Cowson’s Essentials of Oral pathology and oral medicine (Eighth edition)
Oral pathology (Fourth edition) by j.v. Soames and j.c.southam

Dental caries black spot in tooth:

The small black spot…Waiting to see The Dentist!

Tooth layers image:

enamel outer layer smile:

info symbol:

hydroxyapetite crystals: S. Hayakawa, Y. Li, K. Tsuru, A. Osaka, E. Fujii, K. Kawabata, “Preparation of Nanometer-scale Rod Array of Hydroxyapatite Crystal”, Acta Biomaterialia, 5[6], 2152-2160 (2009).

Fluoride rich foods:

fluoride water:

fluoride toothpaste:

bacteria on teeth:

demineralization remineralization illustration:

acid attack:

Fluoride fairies:

tooth decay illustration:

Background music: Dutty from YouTube library


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