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Dental Surgery

The dental clinic is equipped with the latest dental equipment to transform our...


hi everyone tried to help you out with dental caries types ,! hope...

Dental Abscess

Dental Abscess source

Dog Dental Care Tips...

Are you giving your dog dental care treatment at home? Today, Dr. Andrew...
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Dental Bridge Procedure

1. Broken teeth are restored with the dental composite resin material.
2. Abutments are prepared.
3. Impressions are taken.
4. Temporary bridge is fabricated.
5. Final restoration is cemented.

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Satisfying Dental Bridge – Single Day #Shorts

Ribbond single-visit bridges provide strength, durability, and immediate convenience. Ribbond bridges are cost effective and reliable. Excellent for emergencies, implant temporization, congenitally missing laterals and patients who cannot afford conventional lab fabricated bridgework. (from Ribbond Official Site ---------------------------------------------------------------- **My Contact Info** Email:...

Fixing a broken front tooth with a post, core buildup and crown (after a root canal..)

In this video, I explain how a completely fractured front tooth near the gum line can be restored with a post core buildup and a crown. Please understand this is overly simplified explanation. Actual procedure may be more complicated....

Composite Dental Filling Procedure Steps, Tooth-colored, White 레진 충치 치료 Andy Huh @ Evergreen Dental

In this video, I demonstrate how composite dental filling (tooth colored, white filling) procedure is performed using dental manikin and replica of front tooth caries. I used G-aenial Bond Self Etch and Universal Flo. ---------------------------------------------------------------- **My Contact Info** Email: Instagram @thetoothrestorator Tiktok@toothrestorator ---------------------------------------------------------------- source


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