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Dental bridge – Fixed dental replacement ©

What is a dental bridge? How is it done?

3D video of Clínica Medico Dental Pardiñas (http://j.mp/cPardinas) about dental bridge, an option to replace missing teeth.

A bridge is an option to replace missing teeth. For doing so it is necessary to prepare the adjacent teeth that will become the pillars of the bridge. Once the pillars are prepared, impressions will be taken to create molds in which the bridge will be manufactured. Then the bridge is cemented on the pillars.

The fixed dental prosthesis is a treatment by means of artificial dental reproductions, tailor made, that are cemented to natural teeth, previously prepared, which they cover or “sheathe”.

With them we get:
• Restore damaged parts of the teeth.

• Replacing missing teeth, in which case the teeth that replace the missing natural ones (called pontics) form a continuous structure with the “sheaths” that attach them to the adjacent, worn out natural teeth (called pillars). The name “bridges” has been adopted because, usually, the “covers” are located on both sides of the pontics, as if it were a bridge between the two banks of a river. Sometimes, however, a false tooth “remains in the air” on one side, because it only grabs one or more teeth on the other side, just as a balcony protrudes from the wall, and in this case we talk about bridge in extension (called “cantilever”).

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