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Dental Flossing l How...

This video is regarding all about #dentalflossing.... source

Can Men Be Dental...

Let's talk about male dental hygienists - history, struggles, etc. #dentalhygiene #rdh ▶...

Hilton Dental Clinic –... At Hilton Dental Clinic we understand that achieving lasting dental health...
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Carriere® Patient Animation with Voice Over

The Carriere orthodontic treatment approach is the next generation orthodontic solution that consistently achieves exceptional results in less time.

The Carriere Orthodontic treatment approach incorporates the latest advances in orthodontic technology with gentle forces that work with natural physiology to correct your bite at the beginning of treatment. By having your orthodontist use the Carriere Motion™ Appliances in the beginning stages and then transition you into Carriere SLX™ Self-Ligating braces to complete treatment, the total time in treatment is greatly reduced when compared to other traditional approaches. SLX braces are used because they provide efficiencies over traditional braces.


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