Thursday, December 1, 2022

Live Surgery – Placement...

Emergency Dental Services: CALL 587 410 5766 (Edmonton St Albert Spruce...

How to Save Time...

Jill Nesbitt gives you tips on how to save time in your dental...

Dental Filling Replacement Procedure

Dental Filling Replacement - Dental fillings don’t last forever and need to be...

Dental Flossing l How...

This video is regarding all about #dentalflossing.... source
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Best Dental Insurance (coming from a pro!)?

We want to talk to you about Dental Insurance and Braces. Chelsea has over 15 years of experience dealing with various dental insurances. Her knowledge is amazing when it comes to the ins and outs of dental insurance. We go...

Avoid these foods with Braces #shorts

Foods to avoid with braces. Make sure to subscribe for weekly videos and have a beautiful smile for life!​​ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More information at source

Why You NEED a Dental Crown crown | How Long does a Dental Crown Last?

In this video, I'll review: 1. Why you need a dental crown? 2. How long does a dental crown last? 3. How much does a crown cost? 4. How a dental crown is made? 5. Does your kid need a crown? Find out more here: Make...


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