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Best Dental Clinic in Karama – Go Dental Clinic

Located in the heart of Karama, our state of the art dental clinic offers you a one-stop solution for all your dental needs. From dental cleaning and implants, to braces and smile makeovers, we treat infants to adults and can solve any dental problem, all under one roof. Using the latest technologies, we ensure your time spent at our clinic is comfortable, painless and affordable.

Why Choose Us:
✅ We Accept All Major Insurances with Direct Billing
✅ 0% Interest-free Payment Plans
✅ In-house Digital Scanners and X-rays
✅ Highly skilled Doctors & Nurses
✅ Multi-specialty Dental Clinic
✅ Pediatric, Cosmetic & Orthodontics Available

Call Us on 04-397-9522 to schedule your Free Consultation with any of our Doctors today!


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