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All on 6 Implant | Zirconium Crown | Antlara Dental Clinic Antalya | Turkey

Antlara Dental Clinic offers Affordable Dental Treatments in Turkey.

Bright Smiles at Affordable Prices…

We Design Healthy Smiles…

🏖Now is the time to have both a wonderful holiday and a life-enhancing dental treatment.

✨Contact us now and take the first step towards your new smile.

You can contact us for detailed information…

📲 +90 5302026868⠀
📲 🇬🇧 UK +44 7770 537 469

What Our Patients Say:

AntLara Dental Clinic is a leading dental centre in Turkey providing excellent dental healthcare and dental cosmetic treatments for customers worldwide.

Our friendly team will help you keep your smile beautiful and healthy. All of our dentists have many years of experience and are leaders in their field providing our customers with unbeatable service.

A modern dental clinic providing treatments for domestic and international customers.

Our patient-led focus means your needs come first and your health is paramount.

As a patient you will experience high-end treatments with extensive and professional dental services. We love working together to achieve your dream Hollywood Smile.

Our friendly front desk team welcomes you with a warm smile and helps you enjoy our gentle, relaxing and peaceful atmosphere during your visit.

Our dentists and assistants take care of you personally and offer you the best dental treatments including smile design, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants that match your expectations and aspirations.

In our clinic, we use quality, expertise and technology together to offer the best service to our patients. With a collaborative approach and innovative treatments, we regularly provide personalised smile designs that other dentists find impossible.

We invite you to our clinic to make your dream smile come true together!

Why Choose Us?

1. We have experienced dentists and assistants
Our dentists offer you the most appropriate treatment options for your dental health and help you decide which treatment is best for you.

2. Your choice is important to us.
Our dentists and treatment coordinators are in contact with you whenever you have any requests, concerns and questions during the entire pre-treatment and treatment process.

3. Punctuality And Proper Timing
We are very sensitive to punctuality for your individual appointments throughout the entire treatment.

4. The Best International Brands.
At Antlara, we only use the best international brands such as Straumann, Straumann Group Medentika, Ivoclar Vivadent, tokuyama for implants, veneers, white fillings and all treatments.

5. We Use Internationally Guaranteed Products in Our Treatments.
All treatments we offer to our patients are under double international guarantee:

We provide guarantees by our Antlara Smile Studio and at the same time we provide you with guarantees by international brands.
All the best international implants come with a lifetime international warranty.

All veneers and crowns (full veneers) come with a 5-year international warranty.

6. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction.
Our physicians and assistants work devotedly throughout the treatment process to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care. We also follow up after everything is finished with outstanding aftercare.

7. We follow Scientific, Technological and Artistic Developments.
Our specialist dentists; follow scientific developments in dental treatments, technological advances in dentistry and aesthetic fashion trends in dentistry.

8. Highest Hygiene and Safety Standards
In our EU/UK standard dental clinic, hygiene is guaranteed with the latest sterilization facilities.

As a first class dental clinic, hygiene is the most important issue; Therefore, we attach utmost importance to hygienic principles for the safety of our patients, physicians and assistants.

9.Painless Dental Treatments
Our aim is to make your visit to our clinic as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

We offer the best comfort options to minimize the discomfort you may have during your dental treatment.

Our physicians and assistants care and try to provide painless dental treatments.

10. Amazing Location
Discover new places and take a holiday in Antalya, a wonderful city that has become one of the most popular destinations in Turkey.

Our modern and hygienic EU standards clinic is located in the beautiful Mediterranean region resort town of Antalya.

The location of our clinic is only 500 meters from the deep blue turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and a few kilometers from golden sandy beaches.

11. We provide services in many languages.
We are experienced in welcoming guests from many countries around the world. Our staff speak English, French, German, Russian as well as Turkish!


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All on 6 Implant | Zirconium Crown | Antlara Dental Clinic Antalya | Turkey

Antlara Dental Clinic offers Affordable Dental Treatments in Turkey. Bright Smiles at Affordable Prices... We Design Healthy Smiles... 🏖Now is the time to have both a wonderful holiday and a life-enhancing dental treatment. ✨Contact us now and take the first step...


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