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3 Ways To Make Dental Floss Non-Slip – Better Than Current Method – Fastest, Easiest, Shortest

Don’t underestimate the importance of improving your current dental flossing technique because flossing is a daily routine. Every bit of time you can save or better quality you achieve will accumulate day by day, not only saving you time or money but also helping to guarantee better results so that you won’t have to visit your dentist too often.

There are two traditional methods of flossing: one is to wrap the dental floss around your fingers and the second is to use a floss holder. Floss holder can be useful for people with limited dexterity, those who are just learning to floss, and caregivers who need to floss someone else’s teeth, but normal people may find the wrapping fingers method to be easier.

This video will improve both of the methods. For the dental floss wrapping fingers method, we have a sure way to guarantee non-slipping, and without extra time or money. For the disposable floss holder method, we will show ways to reduce the cost and reduce waste.

Of course, the newer electrical Waterpik devices can help remove food particles from your teeth and can aid in reduction of bacteria, but it isn’t generally considered a substitute for brushing and flossing. If you have any other methods please share with us in the comment section, it will help our other viewers.

3 Ways
0:00 method 1: strong non-slip
0:36 testing method 1
1:40 usage for method 1, non-slip, firm grip
2:03 advantages: save time, not to worry how to anchor
2:58 method 2: arthritic & caregivers
3:34 DIY method 2
4:41 method 3: other methods
5:07 minimum length, test method 3
5:36 improve method 3
5:56 other


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