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Live Surgery – Placement...

Emergency Dental Services: CALL 587 410 5766 (Edmonton St Albert Spruce...

How to Save Time...

Jill Nesbitt gives you tips on how to save time in your dental...

Dental Filling Replacement Procedure

Dental Filling Replacement - Dental fillings don’t last forever and need to be...

Dental Flossing l How...

This video is regarding all about #dentalflossing.... source
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10 Tips to Avoid Dental Caries/Cavities #46 English

Tagalog version will come up next.. thank you!
10 tips
1. toothbrush and floss
2. Proper use of toothpaste
3. Proper use of mouthwash
4. Lessen Cariogenic foods
5. Drink Lots of Water
6. Avoid sudden change of temperatures
7. Chew your food properly
8. Visit your dentist
9. Ask your dentist to apply fluoride varnish
10. Ask your dentist to apply sealants to your uncavitated teeth
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Dental Crown / Jacket.. Ano at Para Saan? #DentalCrown #Jacket #dental

Paguusapan po dito kung ng masinsinan kung anu po ang Dental Crown o jacket. kung para saan po ito, bakit may ganito, paano to ginagawa at iba pa.. Ang ibang Mga Pictures po dito ay hindi ko po pasyente at...

Patient Thought Her Bridge Can No Longer Be Saved. How To Save a Patient's Teeth and Bridge #C15

Due to the Pandemic.. the patient has limited funds and can't afford a new set of crowns or implants. So we did something that used to be impossible. and thanks to the innovations in the dental field we were...

Restoring A Heavily Fractured Tooth! With A Post and E-Max Crown #C18 4K

Patient came to the clinic with a fractured tooth.. patient went from a different dentist. I had to restore the tooth and polish the teeth before we start her orthodontic treatment. The caries of the adjacent teeth was restored...


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