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🛑HUGE dental infection and abscess – PUS drainage #shorts

A huge dental infection with an abscess is drained.

A tooth abscess is one of the most frequent oral problems. The abscess forms when pus from an infection collects in the area around the root within the dental bone. If the abscessed tooth is not treated, it can lead to a serious infection of the dental bone and surrounding tissues.

Treatments for a tooth abscess:

An abscess has different treatments depending on the severity of the infection. Here are some of the methods that a dentist may consider:

A) Prescribing antibiotics may be necessary. Antibiotics will destroy the bacteria that cause the infection.

B) The dentist may drain the pus from the infected area.

C) Once the area is cleaned, it is essential to detect and treat the cause of the tooth abscess:

If this has been caused by gum disease, it will be essential to clean the space between the tooth and the gum.
If the origin of the abscess is a caries or a fractured tooth, a root canal treatment (endodontics) or a filling may be performed. If the tooth cannot be saved, it may need to be extracted.

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