Maxillary Prosthesis Without Palatal Plate

Full Denture With Or Without Implants?

A full denture is dentures for the completely edentulous jaw. Thus, all teeth are replaced (in the upper jaw, in the lower jaw or in both). Since implantology and dental technology have made enormous progress…

Branded toothpaste vs. Discount Toothpaste

Branded toothpaste vs. Discount Toothpaste

  The consumer magazine Öko-Test has tested 38 kinds of toothpaste, including 7 natural cosmetic products, for their effectiveness and their ingredients. The Branded toothpaste and their declarations were subjected to an analysis in pollutant…

What are temporaries

What Are Temporaries?

  A temporary prosthesis is dentures that are only worn for a transitional period. When the final denture is completed or can be inserted, the provisional denture is removed again. Temporaries are therefore not created…

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Gum Drop: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The gingival retreat is a common symptom that is more common in older people. Symptoms and Treatment the cause of the loss is often a gum disease, typically periodontitis (inflammation of the periodontium) or gingivitis (gingivitis)….

What is a periodontal pocket

What Is A Periodontal Pocket?

  The human body has an almost complete protective layer with the skin. The skin shields most of the environment and ensures, among other things, that bacteria or other foreign bodies cannot penetrate into the…

What Advantages Does A Zirconium Crown Have

What Advantages Does A Zirconium Crown Have?

For many dentists and patients who need dentures, the zirconium crown is regarded as a star among artificial dental crowns: it is metal-free and thus free of allergy risks and perfectly compatible with the body….