Why Trek to Everest Base Camp via Jiri?

Nepal is a famous hub for adventure sports. Among the thousands of tourists that visit Nepal every year, a majority of them are trekkers. Nepal had various trekking region. Each of these regions have their own unique sources of attraction.

One of the most famous trek in Nepal is the Everest Base Camp trek. It lies in the Everest region which is known for its diverse composition of flora and fauna. Above all the trek is to the base camp of the highest mountain in the world.

There are several routes you can take to reach the Base Camp. You can makes changes and customize the commonly taken route as you desire. One of the ways in which you can trek to Everest Base Camp is through Jiri.

This is a long-cut route in which Namche Bazaar is walked to. The short-cut version of the route is the one where you take a direct flight to Lukla from Kathmandu. The route through Jiri is longer and will take you about 21 days.

This route is especially for those who are physically fit, healthy and enjoy long walks. The route is also quite challenging due to the number of hours that need to walked in a day. But the reward you gain from this trek is worth all that effort and hard work. Here are few reasons why you should consider trekking to EBC via Jiri.


1.  Scenery

The trail is a scenic one through various types of landscapes. Your journey will begin from green pastures and lead to  steeply ascending hills. From a green landscape you will be taken to an area covered in white fluffy snow.

The journey will take you to the best viewpoints of the white mountains peaks. You will not only see Mt. Everest but also many other glorious peaks in this route.

The walk will be through alpine forests, Rhododendron forests, beautiful river and rural settlements. For someone who is finds pleasure in nature’s beauty, this route will be thoroughly enjoyed by them.

The Everest region also has Sagarmatha national park which is listed under UNESCO world heritage site. The National Park is rich in vegetation of wildlife inhabitants. Some of the rarest species live in this area. You might even encounter a few of them along the way.

2.  Exploring more places

Rather than taking a direct flight to Lukla from Kathmandu, you will be walking your way up to Namche Bazaar. This means that you will get a chance to visit more places along the journey. The destination is not always what matters. It’s not about simple reaching the base camp. It is more about how you reach there. Taking this route will enhance the quality of your experience of the trek. You will learn a lot more from encountering and exploring new and unknown places.


3.  Exposure to culture and religion

Most of the people living in the villages that fall along the route belong to the Sherpa community. This community has a unique culture which is inherited from the Tibetans. There is a lot to learn from their traditional, lifestyle and food. ABove all, these people are popularly known from their hospitality. You will get a chance to acquaint yourself to more of these villages containing people from different community.

The religion that is followed in the Himalayan regions is Buddhist. There are several buddhist temples and monasteries for you to visit to. You will also find many prayer flags hung on strings stretching across trees or hills. If you are visiting Nepal during festivals, then you will get chance to be a part of the grand celebrations that happens in these regions.

4.  Food and accommodation

You will be spending your nights in tea houses or tented camps. The tea houses are similar to that as guest houses. These houses may not be luxurious but are indeed very comfortable. And sleeping in camps under an open sky is supposedly the most exciting part of any trek.

The food cooked in this region has its own unique taste. You will get to enjoy dishes cooked in authentic Nepali style. The most prefered dish is Dal-Bhaat-Tarkari. A variety of other cuisines are also available.


Not a lot of people take this route to Everest Base Camp. Mostly because the route is pretty difficult. You will have to walk for about 20-21 days unlike the short cut route. This route is also demanding when it comes to physical fitness. But the experience you will gain and the things you will learn from the journey is worth all the pain.