Try Lyft free

Lyft bring revolutionary changes in transportation. Lyft is one of the best rides sharing service. The tremendous success is just because of their amazing promotions which are company provided by many years. If you are a driver you have to try Lyft free. Lyft offers you some wonderful promotions so just once try Lyft free. You can free ride credit at a recruit.

Types of current promotions:

Current Lyft promotions divided into two types: Lyft promotions for passengers and promotions for drivers. These promotions provide you much profit and also very profitable for existing and new drivers. The bonuses are given by company are a sign-in bonus and cash bonus for drivers or passengers.


Current Lyft driver promotions

  • Weekly Guarantees:

There is some driver are entitled to weekly guarantee whey they begin driving. It means if the driver does not get the money, Lyft will pay them. This is the best promotion to stay drivers on their way for some time.

  • Average Hourly Guarantees:

In hourly guarantee Lyft gives you on easy theory, if the driver assembles a few necessities, and does not get the prearranged amount

of money per hour, Lyft will cover the price of the rest. You must keep in mind this condition.

  • Passenger transfers:

Lyft have concerned with their riders and know that passing on new riders is a significant part of assisting their community develop, and that is the reason they are giving a cash bonus when Lyft drivers pass on fresh riders to the Lyft app.

  • New Driver Referrals:

A lot of existing Lyft drivers does not know about the driver referral plan. Previous drivers can get cash by referring fresh drivers to Lyft. As the new driver completes the bonus conditions, both drivers get salaried the total amount of the double-sided bonus.

Current Lyft Passenger Promotions

Lyft presented to try Lyft free passengers promotions. Lyft provide some attractive and profitable bonus for existing and fresh drivers. But not only have this Lyft also provided a chance to get tons of transfer credit for new and existing passengers. You can earn more by new promotions which are now Lyft running.

  • New Users:

New customers can earn a $20 free travel credit just for signing up. Lyft provide their best service to customers as free credit. They give motivation to their customer and switch them to trustworthy users. New users also get the benefit of travel.

  • Refer New Passengers:

Lyft passenger also gets free credit for inviting their friends and collogues to search their app. These promotions are also double sided; giving credit to referral passenger also existing passenger. The free Lyft 2015 promotions are going so good and with the vision of doing well to the clients also as to them.

You must try Lyft free for traveling. They give equal bonuses for drivers as well as passengers. You must earn on both sides. With signing up with Lyft, you not only get profit but also enjoy the best travelling experience.