Travel the world and discover Life!

It’s said, when we travel, a part of us stays back in the place and a part of that place remains in our heart and soul forever! Travelling is the most enriching experience that teaches us so much about life, people, culture, lifestyles and so many other things that we generally don’t stop and notice. There are so many great places all around the world; each unique and significant in it’s own way. When we travel we not only discover great places but we also discover ourselves. Whether you travel solo or with a bunch of friends and family, every place will envelop you in its own unique charm and beauty.

Most people travel to places recommended by people around them. Some people travel to places they have read about or seen on TV or maybe watched a movie shot in that place. With the internet, information about anything, and every place is just a click away. Unfortunately, the information cannot always be relied upon. Some people have had bad travelling experiences based on ‘popular searches’. So what’s the solution?

shutterstock_149117351_web is a platform that brings together travel enthusiasts from around the globe! It’s a place where people can recommend and take recommendation about places based on true and real personal experiences. You can talk to people and share your experiences to completely get a picture of what to expect! You can discover the best of places and live the most amazing experiences upon recommendations of real people and real experiences. You can also make recommendations for places you have been to or your residential place. There are many websites that offer ‘ratings and reviews’ but sadly they cannot always be relied upon. The internet is great but it can be tweaked to make yourself look better!

Would you rather believe an anonymous rating or go by the experience of someone you can interact with directly? The choice is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Not just places but you could make and receive recommendations for places to stay, things to do, what to eat, where to go and every other travel related queries. Recommendations as pictures and videos give a glimpse of the wonders you can discover for yourself! It’s all about making the best plans, seeing great places, making new friends and recommendations that help one another discover the many charms of this world!

All great recommendations are visible on  without any registration. Try it out