Top 7 Things to Do in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is the coastal capital of South Australia. With warm weather nearly year-round and a rich culture, Adelaide is a vibrant, bustling city with many sites to see and activities to take part in. Although Adelaide is located on the southern interior of Australia, a flight from Sydney to Adelaide is only about two hours. A return ticket from almost anywhere puts a traveller in close proximity to Adelaide when flying from Sydney and can booked on Sydney Flights Accommodation, Webjet or going through the airline directly.

The following are the top 7 things to do when vacationing in Adelaide, Australia.


  1. Visit Henley Beach
    This gorgeous beach is part of a coastal suburb along the city of Adelaide. Henley Beach is known for its pristine sand and gentle surf. There are excellent luxury accommodations along the beach that visitors can stay at when visiting Adelaide. This lovely beach provides opportunities for a swim, a relaxing walk along the shore, and the chance to view an incredible sunset over the water. There are also several restaurants and pubs nearby. The beach has a reputation for a peaceful and inviting atmosphere.2. Stroll the North Terrace
    The North Terrace precinct has been renovated and is home to several areas of interest including the South Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of South Australia. This is where tourists and guest alike can take in the art, history, and rich culture of Adelaide. There are even three stunning glass houses to enjoy that are part of the Botanic Gardens that are also in this area. Visitors may prefer accommodations along the North Terrace because of its close proximity to the Adelaide Oval as well as several cultural centers.3. Experience Adelaide Oval
    The Adelaide Oval is considered one of the most attractive cricket grounds in the world. This beautiful stadium hosts football games in the winter and international cricket matches during the summer season. Not only are major sporting events held here but world famous musicians have performed in the Oval. The Adelaide Oval was opened in 1871 and seats over 53,000. It’s located in the Parklands on War Memorial Drive.

    4. Enjoy Waterfall Gully
    Located in the eastern suburb of Adelaide visitors won’t want to miss this stunning waterfall. Energetic travellers can enjoy this beautiful location by riding bikes and hiking through the area. A variety of wildlife may be spotted that include koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, and black and white cockatoos. It’s often recommended to visit after a heavy rain when the waterfall is in full flow.

    5. Cruise the River Torrens
    Whether you’re actually able to take a boat ride down the river or simply stroll along one of the nearby paths, you won’t want to miss this beautiful river. There are paths for walking, cycling, or running. There are elegant eateries along the river and the area is currently undergoing a great renovation, making it a central part of the city. Since the Torrens flows through the center of Adelaide, several interesting bridges have been constructed throughout the city for travellers to enjoy.

    6. Shop at the Central Market
    This sumptuous market provides a variety of farm fresh foods including fruits, veggies, and hormone free meats. There is also plenty of seafood and artisan cheeses to choose from. Established in 1869 the market has not only been a great place to buy high quality food but it’s also been a bustling hub of culture. It’s estimated that over 8 million visitors explore the Adelaide Central Market each year.

    7. Lounge in Victoria Square
    Located in the center of the city, Victoria Square is the location where several special events are held throughout the year. Spacious lawns, garden beds, and an infrastructure built for mobile activities have provided a great area for a multitude of events in the heart of Adelaide. This iconic area features a gorgeous fountain and a statue of Queen Victoria.

    These 7 things to do will allow a traveller to enjoy the best that the city of Adelaide has to offer.