To Travel or Not To Travel

When I discuss travel and bucket list destinations with my friends I am most often greeted by a faraway look in people’s eyes. The words that accompany such gazes are usually, “If only…” or “Someday…” The battle in most minds is the cost of fulfilling such dreams.

To be honest, I was right there amongst them.

My job pays my bills but not much more. Was there something out there that could help me get to the places I’d love to visit? Like everyone else (OK, most everyone else) I have a bucket list of places I’d like to see. What, or should I say where, is on your bucket list?

I have on my bucket list a return to Northern Ireland and Ireland. It is interesting to note I have absolutely no ties to the Emerald Isle. My parents were born in Russia and I am a first generation Canadian raised among Mennonites with their borscht and four part harmonies.

see the world

There were no fiddles or penny whistles or playful lilts in their voices. There was no Celtic music or tams. I was not introduced to those Irish joys until I was in my thirties.

So my question is this… why was it that when I spent time in the Belfast area then Dublin I felt like I was home… like I had returned from some other life and when I was saying good-bye, I cried like a child?

Who knows? What I do know is I want to return and have used the same excuses as I have heard… until now. Recently I have been introduced to a travel club that not only SAVES me money travelling, it MAKES me money! How great is that!

With this travel club membership I am given a booking engine with retail prices lower than the usual booking engines I have commonly used. I share this booking engine with friends and family (and whomever) and every time a trip or vacation is booked using my booking machine I get paid.

We have all used booking engines before to arrange for our trips or vacations. Almost everything is online these days. Well, with this travel club I am given my own booking engine. When I or others use it I get paid. Or as a member I would get even deeper discounts and a choice of 30,000 condos from all over the world at drastically discounted rates where I could enjoy a week’s vacation (some are all inclusive).

If you are going to travel anyways, why not pay less? If you are thinking of going south for some sun… instead of staying for 3 or 4 days, why not stay for a whole week at the same or lower price?

So I dare you… go to and find out how to save up to 40% on hotels and even more on 30,000 worldwide condos PLUS get paid when others book their trips using your booking engine.

I am going to Northern Ireland.

Where do you want to go?

Dan Thiessen