Pack Smarter: Use the Roll Method and Wrinkle Releaser

Everybody knows that the fastest way through the airport is to avoid the checked bag line. By packing smart, most people can fit everything they need for short trip in a simple carry-on bag. The secret is using the roll technique to optimize the amount of clothing one can fit in a bag. Then, once you have reached your destination, grab a bottle of travel wrinkle releaser and fight any unwanted wrinkles that might have decided to tag along.

What is the Roll Method?

The roll method is a favorite way for experienced travelers to pack their suitcases. Not only does this method increase the amount of clothing you can fit into a suitcase, it also helps reduce wrinkles because garments will have less creases.

Wrinkle Releaser

Here’s how it works:

  • Organize your clothes by type: pants, shirts, jackets, etc.
  • Make stacks of each clothing type by laying the garments flat and smoothing them out. Make sure to layer each additional piece smoothly.
  • Now that you have a stack of pants, t-shirts, jackets, etc., it is time to layer your individual stacks into one large stack.
  • Tip – t-shirts and sweaters lay flat very well and make a nice “bread” for your “sandwich” so start by laying down your t-shirts and sweaters. Pants are usually the last group to add to the stack.
  • Once your garments are stacked neatly, fold over any sleeves and roll your stack nice and tight like a burrito.
  • Place the roll in your suitcase and line remaining space with things like shoes.

Then Comes Wrinkle Releaser

After you arrive at your destination, remove your roll from your suitcase and unroll it on the bed. Though the roll method does a great job at reducing wrinkles, you may still have a few. This where the wrinkle releaser comes in.

Natural Citizen makes a wonderful plant-based wrinkle releaser that comes in travel size (3 oz.) making it TSA friendly. Wrinkle releaser is an ironing alternative that will tackle most wrinkles with ease. Simply spray, smooth, and hang, and most wrinkles will disappear in minutes. If you’re able to, it’s best to spray down your garments before going to bed to allow plenty of drying time.

Wrinkle releaser works great on t-shirts, khakis, wool suits and most dress shirts. Stiffer cottons – especially recycled – will at times be harder to work with but allow yourself plenty of drying time and use more spray on tougher wrinkles for best results.

So that is it: use the roll method and some wrinkle releaser and travel like a pro!