Maldives Is Affordable – Here’s How

Gone are the days when only the privileged can holiday in the paradise far off the Indian Ocean. Now, even budget travelers can finally tick the Maldives off their bucket list. The growth in the tourism here has made it conducive for a budget travel industry to flourish. So if you’ve been dying to see this paradise, now is the best time to do so. Here’s how:

How to get to the Maldives on a budget –

More regional airlines are starting to offer flights to the Maldives at reasonable rates. Affordable tickets via Dubai, Bangkok, and Singapore are now available, with rates starting at US$300. There is also Sri Lankan Airlines that fly from Colombo to Malé for just about US$100.

Where to stay when in Maldives

Opt to stay on any of the islands near Male such as Maafushi to keep within the budget. Several resorts found here are really affordable. Staying on the main island of Male can be very costly as it is where most activities and local attractions are found. And faraway resorts require the additional seaplane transfer which can set you back by a few hundred dollars.


Another option you have is to try the guesthouse services offered by the locals in the Maldives. Private rooms can cost US$40 or less per night. And some of them are child-friendly, so your little ones can come along. Of course, do not expect any bells and whistles such as a large swimming pool, a spa on-site or the fanciful restaurants. A big island like Maafushi offers more choices as you can hop from small hotels to guesthouses and try out their restaurants. If you choose to stay on a one island-one resort destination, it may be more cost-effective to go for a full-board package. Just like in any other tourist spots in the world, one good tip to keep in mind when travelling on a budget is to get to know the locals. They will help you save money and time with their recommendations.

Getting around the islands of Maldives

The most common mode of transportation here is via ferry or additional domestic flights. You can start your day with an early morning fishing trip for a cost of US$25 to US$40 per person.  Another activity that you cannot miss is snorkeling with manta rays and whale sharks. This once in a lifetime activity costs US$40 per person and will surely give you the adrenaline rush that you’re looking for.


If you want to spend a day experiencing the luxurious services Maldives is known for, you can take a day trip to many five-star hotels such as the Antara Veli or the ClubMed. For only US$120 per person, you can access the luxurious facilities, and even experience a snorkeling trip, catamaran sailing, and kayaking. Best of all, buffet meals are available so you can fill up your tummy before making the most of the activities mentioned earlier.

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